From the recording Start Some Mystery

Ah, new love . . . there is a wonderful mystery when it first blooms with excitement and anticipation. I'm the lucky one!


Start Some Mystery
by Lisa Biales

I hope it’s not a bad dream
Cause it sure feels good to me
I hope it’s not some sad scheme
With someone else’s green
Cause every new beginning
Starts with a mystery
And I know what you’re thinking yeah
Like you’d be good you might be good for me

Let’s do it let’s start some mystery
Why don’t we do it yeah (2x)

Mister operator you sure been good to me
You know all my secrets is there still mystery
I’m always chasing rainbows
And looking through the haze
And if your in a bad way
I’ll be here for you here for you always

When I look into your eyes
I get hypnotized
Baby if you’ve got the key
You might be good
Let’s start some mystery