1. Sad Sad Sunday

From the recording Sad Sad Sunday


Sad Sad Sunday (EG Kight and Tom Horner)
Sad Sunday 
That’s when my baby has to go
I feel so down hearted
When he leaves me here alone
We live for lovin’ on the weekends
THat’s when we hold each other so close
Sad Sunday 
That’s when we go our separate ways
The nights keep getting longer
With every passing day
Till the next time I can hold him
My empty arms will have to wait

Tomorrow will be
Blue blue monday
Tuesday and Wednesday
Not much better
it’s easier come thursday
Cause Friday we’ll be together
Sad Sunday
When once again he goes away
I have a dream that one day
I’ll hear my baby say
There’ll be no more miles between us
From now on I’m here to stay
I wanna hear my baby whisper
From this Sunday on I’m here to stay
No more Sad Sad Sunday