The Beat of My Heart

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"From Blues to Jazz she can do it all. Biales and Braunagel's production are perfect together."

Five Stars! Richard Ludmerer

"Lisa Biales as released a joyful, stirring new blues album."- Sean Arthur Joyce, Chameleon on Fire

Belle of the Blues

Belle cover

Nominated for a Blues Blast Music Award for Best Acoustic Album.

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Truly, this lovely “Belle” claims the vocal and team-effort gold in the “Blues Olympics”! - Rainey Wetnight

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Available on iTunes, and all other streaming services.

Singing In My Soul


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"Sturdy, inventive support comes from the Parisian trio of upright bassist Thibaut Chopen, guitarist Anthony Stelmaszac and drummer Simon “Shuffle” Boyer able abetted by pianist/producer Ricky Nye. Doug Hamilton’s violin notably brightens 2. There’s sweet playing all the way through with just enough swing to make it all flow." - Michael Tearson


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"The sixth album on her own Big Song Music label, “Just Like Honey” covers 11 Americana and blues tunes and includes a co-write and two originals. Biales has a great voice (on-point pitch) that naturally grabs hold of each song in a way that an American Idol judge might call “making it her own.” Lisa’s own bio describes a smile when she sings. It’s true. There’s a smile on those lips, and the intentionality of her spirit-lifting vocal performance also lifts the heart. It’s beautifully produced by EG Kight and Paul Hornsby." - Darren Thornberry for The Grateful Web

Closet Hippie


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"A personal album from seasoned songwriter Lisa Biales who has created a signature sound with her Blues influenced music. This sixth album is Intimate and playful, political but not in your face, exposing an 'underground' healer. The Closet Hippie is Out! Lisa shares with us her spiritual side and her earthy beliefs. This albums is best described as Jazzy (as in Jazz Standards), Bluesy (as is Acoustic), Worldly (as in International Appeal). Biales performs on a little parlor guitar, her band consists of Michael G. Ronstadt on cello and Douglas Hamilton on violin the trio create an eclectic, bluesy sound with Lisa's angelic vocals carrying you away. 'It's another great album, just listen.' - Radio Waves International 'The highlight of this CD is the beautifully sung 'Missing You', a self-penned blues that Lisa actually squeezes out of her toes." - Freddy Celis, Rootstime Magazine.

Hey There

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"Lisa Biales calmly transitions between country, jazz and blues . . . unbreakable acoustic tradition." Lisa's voice is strong, and alive with expression, her words are kind and truthful. This album was recorded live in her home, it sounds as if you are being serenaded in your very own living room. Just the sweet voice and the guitar." Marc Nolis, MassMuzikaS, Belgium

Come To Me

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Lisa's third album of original music produced by Nashville "Kitten" Gary Scott, starts out with the title cut "Come To Me" a bluesy country sound that slides right into "Whistles And Bells" an introspective song with a dreamy violin solo by Doug Hamilton. "Smoking Section" is about a girl that tries to catch the eye of the Best Man at her friend's wedding. The fun part is when the bride shows her tattoo! Lisa's melancholy version of "Carol of the Bells" (a choral classic) is elegantly original and could possibly become one of your holiday favorites. "Little Brother" is one woman's story of meeting a soldier who just happened to be the same age as her own son. Lisa sings this emotional haunting song beautifully without accompaniment. Lisa's version of George Harrison's "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" is astoundingly beautiful. "Start Some Mystery" is a playful and rhythmic . . . start some mystery why don't we do it yeah. "Chop Wood" . . . what does the Zen Master say to the student after she becomes enlightened? You still music chop wood and carry water and live your life day by day. Lisa's final cut, Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come" is soulfully sad and beautiful all at once with Jimmy Rogers on harmonica, the song completes the album and makes you want to hit replay! "A compelling songwriter." - Dirty Linen

Yellow Shoes

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"Just goes to show that children's music has a lot to offer adults too." John Funnel, WYN-FM Australia

"A real 'feel good' CD from the first note till the last." Marc Nolis, MazzMusikaS, Belgium

"Yellow Shoes" features American Roots Music (Folk, Jazz Standards, Blues, Traditional) and catchy original tunes. Kids love this music, and adults love it too! Singable, sophisticated songs for the young child. Kid tested/Parent Approved!

"Yellow Shoes" went to New York City in 2008. Lisa took her one-woman show to the big apple and entertained families during the Fortnight Festival at Barrow Street Theatre. " Audience reaction was overwhelming." ~ Scott Morfee, Barrow Street Theatre, NY

Lisa's crystal clear voice and effortless guitar playing has a universal appeal, starting with the first song, which says "Hello" eight different languages. Perfect for the car, home or classroom and a perfect gift for the budding music enthusiast.

"Play it again!" ~ Max, Age 4

Chasing Away The Blues


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A song from the latest CD, "Chasing Away the Blues" by Oxford musician Lisa Biales cracked the Top 40 on International Folk Radio. The song "Where the Buckwheat Blooms", on the third solo album by the Ohio native, hit #32 between Cat Stevens and Bill Monroe. Additionally, Biales' music is in current rotation at radio stations around the world. Biales' soul stirring voice and unique guitar playing has created her signature sound combining a folky, blues mix of musical genres. Lisa Biales grew up in a musical family and began her career at age twelve playing guitar and singing for church services and weddings. Her earliest influences were The Beatles, New Orleans style Dixieland-Jazz, and Jazz standards From the very first time Lisa picked up the guitar, she was inspired to write, consequently, Lisa has been singing, performing and recording her original music since the age of twelve.

Music Box

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Lisa released her first album of music in 1991, a five song EP produced by Grammy Award Winner Jeff Redefer called "Best Friend's Baby." It was a two day project in the studios at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio with Mark Hellenberg on Drums, Bernie Nau on piano, organ and accordion, Tom Martin on Bass and Jim Smailes on (killer) electric guitar. Check out song #19 "She'll Take Anything" and experience the raw energy of this band of musicians who came together to play for two days. Not before or since have these musicians played together in this form.

In 1999, fourteen more songs were added to the project and "Music Box" was born.